Irregular period means either frequent (early) menstrual cycles or late ones.

Their causes may vary as per the age.

1) Adolescent age group (12 years to 18 years – which is called Peri menarchal)

For late cycles, we have to check Hemoglobin & Thyroid status. If needed, medicines should be started. For early cycles, her nutritional status & Hemoglobin should be checked.

We can advise easy & effective Yogic Postures to this group to correct the irregular periods.

For Late cycles – Surya namaskar, all prone & supine Postures done in sequence is found to be effective. In addition, twisting Postures help a lot. These girls should be motivated for day to day activities too. All Postures are to be done with five or ten counts for repetitions & holding. Slowly these counts should be increased.

For Early cycles – These girls need to practice all forward bending Postures with a resting attitude. For example, Shashankasan, Paschimottanasan, Janushirshasan, Uttanasan can be practiced with head resting on support. They are immensely helped by relaxation techniques like Shavasan, Conscious Deep Breathing, and Bhramari Pranayam.

2) Reproductive age (20 to 35years)

Excessive menstrual flow

While taking history of the patient, One has to rule out symptoms of genito urinary infection, psychological & emotional status ,advice Haemogram & U TSH, Ultrasound of Abdomen & Pelvis for certain gynecological conditions.

If all reports are normal, one can help her by 1) Resting postures,Conscious deep breathing,Bhramari Pranayam

Scanty flow/ Late cycles

After taking the history, we need to look for the blood reports ,mainly Haemogram & U TSH.

If they are normal & the patient is overweight,we need to motivate her for physical activities.

So we start with different types of jumps,Suryanamaskar & various Yogic Postures. The pattern prefered is fast dynamic with multiple repetitions.

3) Peri & Postmenopausal age – Irregular periods need medical assessment in expert’s hands.

While taking history, we find that menstrual cycles are irregular - late or early with excessive flow or scanty flow.Often the cycles are delayed.

These cases should visit gynaecologist to rule out certain pathological conditions.

Once he/she says everything is normal then individualised Yogic Protocol should be formulated. This will help the woman to reduce worries & associated complaints

4) Postmenopausal Age

If a woman bleeds vaginaly after menopause,it should be attended by gynaecologist. Yoga Protocol should not be advised to her.