Bone is the hardest of all the connective tissues,because the organic fibrillar ECM is impregnated with inorganic material,primarily Hydrxyapetite.The organic material,primarily Type I collagene,gives bone it’s flexibility,whereas the inorganic material gives the bone it’s compressive strength.

The cellular component of bone consists of fibroblasts & fibrocytes which produce type I collagene & other ECM components.The osteoblasts are the primary bone forming cells,which are responsible for its synthesis,deposition & mineralization.When osteoblasts cease to function they are called osteocytes.Osteoclasts are monocytes derived large multinucleated cells responsible for bone resorption.Homeostasis between bone synthesis & deposition is fine tuned by Nutrition,Hormonal status & Mechanical loading.Bone remodeling is a lifelong process of bone formation & its resorption.The condition called Osteoporosis results when an imbalance occurs between bone synthesis & its resorption.This leads to decrease in bone mass or it’s density.

This happens due to faster rate of bone absorption by osteoclasts than its rebuilding by osteoblasts.Because of decreased mineral density or mass,they are weaker & hence more susceptible to fracture than bones with normal density.

Menopause is a stage in woman’s life when ovaries stop producing Esterogen due to depletion of follicles.Since esterogen hormone has a stimulatory effect on osteoblatic activity,its abscence seriously affects the bone synthesis.Since the osteoclastic activity continues,every post menopausal year will decrease the bone mass. Trivial fall of injury may lead to fracture affecting her quality of life.HOWEVER THIS CAN BE PREVENTED BY REGULAR PRACTICE OF SELECTIVE YOGIC POSTURES & ACTIVE LIFE.


Bone responds to external forces or loads such as pull of tendons & the weight of the body during functional activities. This change in form to match the function is Wolff’s law. Numerous studies have shown that bone deposition is increased with weight bearing exercises & in the areas of increased muscle force . Application of external forces or loads repetitively or over time causes osteoblast activity to increase & as a result bone mass increases.

In addition, to increase in Bone mass,the regular practice of selective Yogic postures, increase muscle mass( hence strength) which helps the woman to delay Osteoarthritis of knee joint & prevent Cervical & Lumbar Spondylosis. This practice helps her for proper erect posture which maintains her dignity in spite of her increasing age.

Following are the selective Yogic Postures to be practiced by a woman since Peri menopausal phase of her life & to be continued till the last day of her life.

  • Set 1 ( Prone)
  • Sarpasan 1,2,3
  • Shalabhasan
  • Naukasan
  • Dhanurasan
  • Set 2 ( Supine)
  • Padangushthasan ( Single leg up & down & both – 30 degrees)
  • Lift torso with head & both hands in line with shoulder joints
  • Setubandha
  • Naukasan
  • Set 3
  • Konasan 1
  • Konasan 2
  • Urdhwamukh
  • shwanasan
  • Set 4
  • Anantasan ( Side lying leg raising)

These Yogic postures are weight bearing postures ( self weight) hence of immense value to maintain bone mass and muscle mass.

We have to pay attention to Nutrition which should be rich in proteins, calcium & Vitamin D.