We need knee fitness for it. Knee Joint is used extensively in our day To day routine. But do we take care of it? Do we know about it a little bit?

Let us understand its structure.

Knee Joint is made up of three bones. Thigh bone, one leg bone & knee cap. Their surfaces taking part in joint are covered by smooth cartilage. They are nicely bound in a bag like structure (capsule) The Inner lining of this bag produces fluid to reduce friction during movement. The bands (ligaments) surrounding this bag help in mobility & stability of knee joint. Muscles around, move the knee joint into folding & straightening actions. The knee Joint bears 50% of our body weight in upright position, so also our hip joint & ankle joint. Then why knee joint suffers most & no other joints? It is because the bony surfaces forming joint are not matching well with each other.

Line of Gravity
Line of Gravity
Shortened Hamstring & Calf muscle
Shortened Hamstring & Calf muscle

Let us see how we take care of it.

  • While standing we have to stand with awareness to bear body weight on both lower limbs equally…..50% + 50% ,not more on one limb
  • While standing for long time, develop the habit of tightening the knee cap periodically.
  • While walking, try to keep toes in, heels out pattern & not the reverse.
  • While walking, we have to maintain total body awareness, in the form of tummy tuck in, rib cage up, shoulders pulled back & widened, head in line with trunk, gaze parallel to ground. This awareness keeps our weight bearing axis in optimum position.
  • Appropriate foot wear, preferably well-fitting shoes help the knees.
  • Prolonged standing, prolonged walking & sitting (cross legged) may injure the knee joint. We need to optimize our activity.
  • To delay the wear & tear (Osteoarthritis) of our knee joint, we need to work on the muscles working on it.
  • We have to stretch the calf & hamstring muscles by various techniques
  • We have to strengthen the front thigh muscle (Quadriceps) To Keep our knee joint healthy & fit by various ways.
  • We need to give sufficient rest to body & mind to help new cell formation (regeneration)

Let us take care of our dear knee Joint & explore the world!!

Dr Vineeta Ketkar

MBBS Family Physician 40+ years

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