Fertility means ability to conceive i.e. ability to be pregnant. Every female life passes thro’ stages of menarche, reproductive phase, prerienopausal & post menopausal phase. That means beginning of menstruation, phase of mother hood, nearing menopause & after menopause.

Beginning of menstruation is controlled at Hypothalamus by secreting GnRH, which stimulates Pitutary to secrete FSH & LH. They stimulate ovaries to secrete Esterogen & Progesteron which lead to changes in the uterine endometrium.

This whole cascade has a monthly cyclic pattern. The utrine endometrium, prepared like a ‘red carpet’ for fertilized ovum, is shed every month in the form of menstruation if, it does not arrive.

Fertility means ability to become a mother, is a natural gift to female. If we take care of ‘nature’ in our body it will be ‘naturally’ functioning. 90 % of pregnancies occur naturally without any medical help.

But today, our clinics are full of couples who come to us saying that, we are ‘trying’ but ‘it’ is not happening – means the wife is not conceiving.

Why so ? ……

Why this 90% is going down drastically & fertility is needing medical help more & more in percentage ?

Reasons are many ! To name a few –

  1. Late marriages
  2. Late decision for conception
  3. Life style situations leading to
    • Obesity
    • Excessive adipose tissue
    • Lack of exercise
    • Stressful worklife
    • Insufficient sleep
    • Strained husband & wife relationship
    • Promising career of females
  4. Inability to understand the wisdom of ‘Let nature nurture your fertility

For above mentioned 90% of cases, let us understand how the fertility works, by Fertility Triangle.

If above mentioned 3 factors namely,

  1. Mature healthy ovum
  2. Sufficient Sperm count & motility
  3. Patent fallopian Tubes

are normal, then the couple has to patiently wait for conception with all healthy life style habits i.e.To eat healthy food, Exercise everyday, Sleep sufficiently & Be peaceful & happy.

The female HPO axis will work efficiently under these conditions to bear the fruit of baby.

A small care is advised for the couple to do the basic blood tests like, Haemogram, U. TSH & Blood sugar. If needed medicines should be started.

A word about PCOD can not be avoided here. All above mentioned life style pattern is giving rise to PCOD. It resolves with weight reduction & other mentioned daily routine healthy habits.

‘Yoga is an ancient science of India, since about 5000 years. It offers us a methodical approach for utilizing our potential to the fullest extent.

It provides us the guidelines for maintainance & enhancement of health at multiple levels.

Ashtang Yoga is a formulation by Mahamuni patanjali, which disciplines our behavior & physical & physiological status. Focused yet calm state of mind is the goal of this discipline. Hatha Yoga helps us to purify our body & makes it strong & agile.

Ability to foucs helps in various cognitive functions of cerebral cortex. Calm state of mind helps the limbic system to function in its circadian rhythm. Psychonerological axis brings hypothalamo-pitutary-ovarian function to work cyclically as designed by nature.

Science of Yoga, if understood in its medical applications, can definitely help the couples to complete their desire of having a baby, in cases where no identifiable obstacle is found.

Foot Note
  1. IUI means Intrauterine insemination i.e. To deposit semen in Uterine cavity. This procedure is advised in the cases of Oligoasthenospermia i.e. Low sperm count & with low motility. This increases the probability of sperm, reaching the ovum in lateral 1/3rd part of fallopian tube.
  2. IVF means in vitro fertilization, i.e. fertilization of ovum is done, outside body & the fertilized ovum is deposited in the uterine cavity. This procedure is advised in case of bilateral tubal block.

* We teach this information in the Medical Yoga Teacher Course and Advance Course for Yoga Professionals and doctors.

* This information is applied in Medical Yoga Therapy to help the patients.