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Medical Yoga Training

Gnosis Medical YogaTime Gnosis Medical YogaHours/Day Gnosis Medical YogaDays/Week Gnosis Medical YogaNo. Of Weeks Gnosis Medical YogaNo. Of Months INTERNSHIPInternship Gnosis Medical YogaTotal Hours Gnosis Medical YogaFees
9 a.m. To 11 a.m. 2 4 16 4 72 Hrs. 200 Rs.36,000

Course Syllabus


Yoga Teacher Training Courses In Pune, India


  • Brief information of medical aspects of selective diseases, with investigations and follow up study.
  • Corelation of Ashtang Yoga & Modern Medicine.
  • Learning of selective Patanjal Sutras
Yoga Teacher Training Courses In Pune, India


  • Classical Yogic Postures
  • Modified Classical Therapy Postures
  • Yogic postures with props
  • Rope & belt therapy for musculoskeletal disorders.



Yoga For Health- 3 weeks,
Fees- 7000


Medical Yoga For Gynaec & Obs- 2 weeks
Fees- 7000


Medical Yoga For Psycho-somatic diseases- 3 Weeks
Fees- 7000


Medical Yoga For Musculoskeletal diseases- 8 Weeks
Fees- 20,000

Internship - 72 hours

Medical Yoga Training All 4 parts Together I, II, III, IV

One can register for any number of parts or all parts

Yearly Time Table

Medical Yoga Training in Pune – (Advance Course)
India is a motherland of Yoga Training. If you have successfully completed Yoga Teacher Training, at any reputed Yoga Institute, you can take admission for Medical Yoga Training. This training is an unique activity of our institute, as it is based on Modern Medicine & Yogic Science

The Theory is taught by Dr. Vineeta Ketkar (Founder - Unnati Yoga & Training center) with assiatance of Dr. Manisha Khare and Dr. Sunita Patil, both practising Physicians. Practicle sessions are taught by Ketki who is a dedicated Yoga Therapist with an ability to empathize.

Our Institute offers Medical Yoga Training in India in a distinguished way. It trains you to take a detail history of the patient, know the diagnosis & plan Medical Yogatherapy for him / her. Once you complete Medical Yoga Training, you master the therapeutic aspects of Medical Yoga, for selective medical disorders. After studying Medical Yoga Training in Pune, one can help the society by Yogic sessions for Life Style diseases & disorders.

Medical Yoga Training has four parts

We try our level best to offer distinguished Medical Yoga Training to Yoga Teachers and Practioners.