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Medico Yogic Applications


Medico Yogic Applications - 15,000 INR



Yogic Science is a behavioural Science.It is aimed at evolution of our personality. When we discipline our behaviour, health benefits are the byproducts of the process. Female health is controlled by HPO axis which works naturally, efficiently to maintain health.So every female enjoys health from perimenarchal to postmenopausal state of her life. She keeps herself healthy during prenatal & postnatal phases of life. Yogic Science is a companion of her life supporting her at physical, physiological, emotional & cognitive levels.
Following the principles of Ashtang Yoga helps us to prevent & manage the Psychosomatic disorders namely stress induced Systemic Hypertension, Type II Diabetes mellitus, Ischemic heart disease, Acid peptic disease, Asthama, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia etc. Principle Of Pratyahar is immensely important to optimise our sensory inputs to minimise the stress response.
Degenerative spine & knee conditions like Spondylosis & Osteoarthritis are predictably benefitted for delaying,palliation & restoration. Practise of selective Postures keep the spine & Knee Joint young. Yogic Science touches each & every aspect & stage of our life of our life. Study of Patanjal sutras(minimum 25-30) is the strength of every course at Gnosis.

Medico Yogic Application


A specially formulated @ Home Yogic Posture sequence for Spondylosis & Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint is taught to patients. It is shown to help the patients to minimise use of pain relieving medicines.
Technique of Conscious Relaxation in Shavasan & Conscious deep breathing are found useful in stress induced disorders. Abdominal breathing ,bucket handle & pump handle breathing, clavicular breathing are taught to patients. This practise helps to improve the pattern of breathing.It becomes slow, deep & rythmic. It makes the mind stable & peaceful. Study of Dharana & Dhyana are taught to students to open the doors of their personal practice.

Medico Yogic Application
Salient Features

Salient Features

  • Each session of Theory & Practical
  • Duration - 50 Hours
  • On Weekdays or Weekends
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