Online Rope & Belt Therapy For Knee Osteoarthritis Course in Pune
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Rope & Belt Therapy For Knee Osteoarthritis



Rope & Belt Therapy For Knee Osteoarthritis - 25,000 INR,   For Overseas Students - 500$
Duration - 30 Hours


Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint

  • 1. Anatomy
  • 2. Kinesiology
  • 3. Physiology
  • 4. Pathophysiology
  • 5. Symptoms / Signs / Investigations
  • 6. Medical Management
  • 7. @ Home Yogic Postures
  • 8. Rope & Belt Therapy



Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disorder of Joint. This degeneration in Joint occurs due to wear & tear mechanism. Hence it is most common in weight bearing joints. Weight bearing joints of body are intervertebral joints, sacroiliac joints, hip joints, knee joints & ankle joints.Out of all these, degeneration in intervertebral joints is called Spondylosis.
Out of remaining joints,degeneration of Knee Joint is most common due to its incongruence, (mis matching surfaces) & excessive movement. The tissue involved is articulated cartilage which has poor regeneration capacity. Hence its degeneration should be ideally prevented.However once starts & if it gives rise to pain, stiffness & restriction of movements,it can be dealt with predictably by innovative Yogic Postures & Rope & Belt Therapy.
The principles being restoration of plantar arches,restoration of Talus at its keystone position, correction of rotational imbalance at Knee Joint, correction of Varus deformity, mobilising pelvis & correction of Lumbar curvature (increased lordosis needs correction). Correction Of mechanical axis (weight bearing axis) is the final aim. This is achieved by working on muscles acting on Knee Joint.
Yogacharya BKS Iyengar Guruji has pioneered the use of Ropes & Belts in the practise of Yogic Postures for awareness & perfection. Dr S V Karandikar, an ardent disciple of Guruji further developed it from Therapeutic point of view. With his best clinical acumen & anatomical & physiological expertise (being modern medicine family physician) he formulated Rope & Belt Therapy for Osteoarthritis of Knee joints. It is an effective tool in conservative armamentarium. It is extensively used for last 30 years & is found to be effective in Grade I, II & early III cases.


Rope and Belt Therapy has three aspects.
1) Modified Yogic Postures divided into Phase I & Phase II. Phase I are stretching postures for hamstring & calf muscles to minimise the flexion deformity at Knee Joint. Phase II are strengthening postures to strengthen the extensors of Knee & hip joints to correct mechanical axis of body.These are to be practised by patients twice a day.
2) Ambulatory belts which aim at correction of plantar arches, Talus at keystone position, Varus deformity & correction of rotational balance at Knee Joint.These are to be used by patients in day to day life for few hours.
3) Rope and Belt Therapy which is given to patients at well equipped Yogatherapy Center.

Salient Features

Salient Features

  • Each Day Two Hours
  • Each session of Theory & Practical
  • Number of Days - 15
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