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Hello everyone...!
An open letter of appreciation for Dr. Vineeta ma'am. After doing the MYT from gnosis... Since I wanted to learn more.. I joined the MSc yogatherapy from svyasa bangalore.
This is my second sem... And all the concepts of musculo-skeletal system, female anatomy, and patanjali yoga sutras are still so helpful for me.
Vineeta ma'am.. The course at gnosis is so vast and such beautifully explained in depth by you, that it helped me during YCB level 2 and now in Msc also.
I am really fortunate to learn so much under your guidance
Thank you so much ma'am.
Hope you are doing good.🙏🙏

Shweta Bhargav

Hello Doctor Vineeta!
My name in the certificate NEETU KISHORE SHAHDADPURI
Thank you Dr. Vineeta for the amazing understanding in this Yoga course..
You are so learned n efficient n also in simple words understand it all n motivate students like us to do better each day n transform into better individuals than we were yesterday..
Thankyou for the brilliant teacher Doctor Bhavna who made this course so simple n easy for me to understand n evolve in my path of Yog n have a better understanding of life in all ways due to her connection with her students n sensitivity which are fundamental qualities in a teacher Feel truely blessed to be your student🙏
I will surely like to do the other courses too as I ll get time n we ll stay in touch!
Thankyou once again Doctor Vineeta for all that you re given me😊

Neetu Shahdadpuri
Yoga Professional Ceuta, Spain
So grateful for my Indian Teachers from Gnosis Medical Yoga Centre, Pune Maharashta for a very educational 10 days of Medical Yoga Therapy for lifestyle diseases. (20hrs Teacher Training)
These teachers are Western and Ayurveda doctors who have successful practices in their own medical clinics who are also practicing Ashtanga Yogis. Myrus Yoga students will receive the benefit of this education soon.
* Yoga for Diabetes
* Yoga for High Blood Pressure
* Yoga for Asthma
* Yoga for Gastritis
* Yoga for stress and depression
* Yoga for Coronary Artery Disease
Dr. Miuru Jayaweera
Dr. Miuru Jayaweera
Executive Director at Colombo Creative - Integrated Communications and Activations | YTT500 Yoga Teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed learning physiology from Kawal mam. Her efforts to make the topic easy to understand is remarkable. After course completion my awareness about the body functions has increased a lot. Thanks to Kawal Ma'am and Ketkar Ma'am for organizing the course online admist the lockdown, this has been the best use of my time.

Associate, Deutsche Bank

I was looking for a yoga course for a long time then one of my known person told me about Gnosis yoga centre. Initially I was very apprehensive about joining online course but It turned out very interesting and full of information course. Thanks to Dr Ketkar ma'am for well articulated contents and simplified study materials which helped a non-medical student like me to understand complex functions of human body. I am also thankful to my teachers who made things too easy to understand.
Theory teacher, Dr. Kawaldeep ma'am is very humble, committed and outstanding person who explained physiological concepts in a very precise and understanding manner. Her explanation were very clear and graphics in the power point helped me to understand the concepts more clearly. Practical teacher Julie ma'am is very knowledgeable, but what's more impressive is how clearly she conveys her knowledge. I like the assessment given by her to check whether the postures are understood well or not. Both the teachers are very supportive and accessible even after the sessions. They almost respond instantly to the queries asked in the forum.
Overall an amazing experience. Would like to do another course here without a second thought.

Mona Yadav
Mona Yadav
M.Sc.( Physics) , B.Ed., Working as a Teacher
The Advanced Medical Yoga therapy course of Gnosis taught me to comprehend Yoga in the framework of modern medical science. This course is a great amalgamation of ancient yogic science with modern medical science.
Dr Ketkar mam is a passionate, caring teacher who instills confidence in her students. The all faculties are very co-operative. The simplicity and caring approach of Ketki mam make the whole place very warm and comfortable..
Thanks to all who made my experience of learning Rope and Belt therapy memorable.
Mamta Ratnaparkhe
Mamta Ratnaparkhe
I had joined beginner medical yoga course in this centre and I am very fortunate I did. After joining here it gave me a deep knowlege about anatomy and its relation with yoga, various posture which help to cure certain disorders.The contents of this course is very rich. The teachers here are highly experience practioners, many of which are doctors. They always welcome with smile to any of your queries, provide support and build confidence in you. I would surely suggest to join this course who want to start his/her journey with yoga.
Indu Shroff
Indu Shroff
The YT course is a great course for a beginner or an intermediate Yog practitioner to gain knowledge about human anatomy and physiology, introduction into the philosophy of Yog, knowledge of various asana routines, teaching practice, knowledge of various diseases and the applicability of various remedial postures and breathing practices as therapy.
Among other things, this course gave me insights into the association between stress and the manifestation of disease and how the practice of asanas, pranayama and relaxation techniques could help prevent and assist the recovery from various diseases.
I would strongly recommend Unnati to anyone who wants to study Yog systematically under the expert guidance of doctors and experienced teachers. Those wanting to do a part-time Yog TTC (teacher' training program) will also find this course an attractive option.
Raghavan Srinivasan
Raghavan Srinivasan
IT Professional, Yoga Teacher.
I have recently completed a unique Rope and Belt Therapy (RBT) course from GNOSIS Medical Yoga Institute . This course is immensely helpful for Doctors in treatment of patients having musculoskeletal disorders.
Dr. Vineeta Ketkar Ma'am has deep knowledge of Anatomy which has significantly replicated in designing this course with specialty techniques of Rope and Belt Therapy. The course delivers great insights about modified Asanas according to diseases which would accelerate recovery of patients.
This course has increased my confidence level and provided me new vision and insights to assist patients in reducing pain.
Thank you Dr. Vineeta Ma'am and Ketaki Ma'am for this unique course to enhance the knowledge level in RBT.
Dr. Sukhada Kale
Dr. Sukhada Kale
Recently completed medical yoga therapy course at this prestigious institute. Ancient wisdom of yoga is taught with modern scientific evidence at this place.
As a doctor this course has given me insight to provide miraculous results in varied cases like Spondylosis, Osteoarthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOD, etc.
Dr.Vineeta madam has a vast experience and thorough knowledge of the subject, which makes this course practically and theoretically sound.
Ketaki madam has a friendly and helping nature, which helps beginners to grasp things easily and at comfort.
Over all this course is a boon for practicing doctors.
Dr. Vandana Gaikwad
Dr. Vandana Gaikwad
I am Amarjeet Kaur, MBA with corporate experience of 10+ years in IT. I did my basic medical yoga training and it was a perfect blend of medicine and yoga covering theoretically and practically the common disorders. The teachers were available even outside class hours for clearing doubts. The intensive revision followed by exam after every defined syllabus was a boon to grab the content well. Even though the last portion was stuck due to covid 19 lockdown but it was completed nicely with revision followed by exam (both theory and practical) online. I am glad that I took the right decision. Thanks to the wonderful dedicated teachers.
Amarjeet Kaur
Amarjeet Kaur
I am Mrs. Monika Dang. I am 40 years old and is post graduate in Computer Applications. But it was due to my health problems, destiny took me to Gnosis where I went for my treatment but because of the motivation from the Gnosis staff and particularly Ketkar mam fortunately not only I treated myself but did the medical yoga teacher course which brought a positive change in me. I do feel that everyone should do this course as knowing the anatomy , physiology and about the cause of the diseases here, will be like the saying - " Prevention is better than cure". It would bring the change in you and the world around you. You can not only keep yourself fit but serve the people in pain too.
Monika Dang
Monika Dang
Post Graduate in Computer Applications
Dr. Ketkar, giving full justice to her noble profession & forwarding her knowledge makes her a symbolic figure of Saraswati. Her message for women 'Take appointment with self everyday. One hour for self - Quality time will give you a Quality life.' So ONE HOUR FOR SELF everyday.
Shital Mukadam |  Freelance Writer
Shital Mukadam
This whole event had started happening in September 2018. Suddenly for 3 to 4 consecutive days I was having severe low back pain. My back pain was preventing me from activities like standing walking and even wearing clothes.
Nikhil Kaskhedikar |  Freelance Writer
Nikhil Kaskhedikar
Freelance Writer
I was suffering from low backache after a road accident (X ray LS spine showed sacralization of L5) due to which my right leg was getting numb often resulting in a difficulty to walk. On the recommendation of Dr. Hardikar, I started undergoing Medical Yogatherapy since Feb 2007.
Alok Nair | Project Manager, Infosys Ltd.
Alok Nair
Project Manager, Infosys Ltd.
I was suffering from lowbackache & shoulder pain with stiffness at both sites. With X-rays doctors diagnosed the causes for it. Medical Yogatherapy at Unnati Yoga Center, under able guidance of Dr. Mrs. Ketkar has helped me a lot.
Kiran Mehta | Profession / Business
Kiran Mehta
Profession / Business
Diagnosed with moderate O.A. (both knees) by a reputed Orthopaedician during November 2010, I went in for OTC drugs, painkillers, food supplements, etc. From December 2010, I started undergoing Medical Yoga Therapy(MYT with ropes & belts, meditation)
Mukund Kajale | M.Sc.;Ph.D; FLS(London);FPbS(Lucknow)
Mukund Kajale
M.Sc.;Ph.D; FLS(London);FPbS(Lucknow)
I was bit nervous with the discomfort in my lumber with pain causing in my left calf muscle dispite of being fintess freak with regular exercise regim. After taking traction treatment for 1 month at 'Unnati Yogatherapy' my lumber aching has reduced to 5%-10%.
Abhijit Mahajan
Abhijit Mahajan
Unnati Yoga Centre is conducted by Dr. Vinita Ketkar. It is one of the wonderful centre in pune to those people who has problem regarding Knee, Cervical and lumber and wish to avoid operations. They should have to join this centre.
Anil B Patni | Advocate
Anil B Patni
Unnati Yoga was a life changing experience for me. I suffered from lower back pain for more than 7+ years, and in search of a cure, I went to countless number of doctors and physiotherapists, both in India and the US, but nothing seemed to work.
The Miracle Cure
The Miracle Cure
This is Mrs Manik Karandikar, age 66.5 yrs. I would like to share with you my experience of pain which I was suffering from, due to gap in the knees.
Mrs. Manik Karandikar
Mrs. Manik Karandikar
She walks in beauty
She walks with grace
To perform her duty
With a glow on her face
Her entry into the hall
Brings ripples of fresh air
Aruna Lokare
Aruna Lokare