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Pranayam in Ashtanga Yoga

Pranayam is the fourth limb of Astang Yoga. Mahamuni Patanjali says that, after you work on your body with the help of Asan practice, you become eligible for Pranayam. Hence practice of selective Yogic Postures is mandatory. These Postures aim at rib cage expansion. This practice increases the strength in the muscles which work on rib cage. Then comes the step of Breathing Education. Our normal breathing is an Involuntary action,going on continuously, till we are alive. Let us Thank Nature.... we don't have to remember & breath.

But Nature is kind enough to offer us limited freedom to modify it. So it becomes a boon for singers & orators.

We use this limited freedom in practise of Pranayam. Following are two types of Breathing......

  • Abdominal- Diaphragmatic
  • Thoracic- Intercostal
Thoracic can be of Three Types...
  • Bucket Handle
  • Pump Handle
  • Clavicular
One has to learn these various types & practise, deep inhalation & prolonged exhalation.

Later on we have to add breath holding after inhalation & after exhalation.

This has to be a disciplined practise with supervision.

As working on breath with holding may prove dangerous to health.

After practising this pattern of breathing,we enter a zone of Pranayam.

We teach three types of Pranayam :
  • Ujjayi for Concentration Meditation
  • Bhramari for Anxiolytic effect
  • Anulom - Vilom For Cognitive - Emotional Balance
Working on Breathing & practising Pranayam is a priceless technique to reach our mind & energy levels. (Hence the name....Pranayam - Extension Of Energy )