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Yoga in Hospital

The World Health Organization(WHO) defines health as "A state of complete physical, mental & social wellbeing & not merely the abscence of disease or infirmity". September 6, 2017.

The dictionary meaning of 'Hospital' is "An Institute providing medical & surgical treatment and nursing care for sick or injured people."

Going ahead by a step, the Hospital can be an institution, providng Healthcare facilities. These facilities will offer a guidance to maintain & enhance health. Today's life style is posing serious challenges to natural health system in our body.

Science of yoga, operating at body, breath, mind, cognition levels is providing predictable tool to achieve this goal - The Health.

Hardikar Hospital in Shivajinagar, Pune has taken a lead in supporting activities of Gnosis Medical yoga since 2006. This Hospital has provided premises, for 'Yoga' to be practised by patients, We guide patients in the Musculoskeletal, Metabolic, Cardiac & Neuro-endocrine functional disorders.

We are eager to provide Services in all eminent Hospitals of Pune & around.