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All courses are conducted online ( live), offline & hybrid. We mail the zoom recordings everyday. We provide exclusive study material. We provide videos with commentry for rope & belt therapy course.

Gnosis Medical Yoga Training and Therapy Center In Pune

Gnosis Medical Yoga Foundation has the vision of applying Ancient Yogic Science with Modern Medicine understanding.Everything is different today than the period in which Yogic Science was formulated. The food, nature, air, day & night work pattern, scientific advances, challenges etc.
What has not changed is the Anatomy & Physiology of Human Being. So its the need of today to understand & apply our ancient wisdom from medical point of view.

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Yogic Science Helps to Heal & Rejuvenate the Body and Mind.

Dr. Vineeta Ketkar
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Benefits at Gnosis Medical Yoga Training & Therapy Centre

Gnosis means spiritual knowledge. Gnosis Medical Yoga is a confluence of Ancient Indian Wisdom with Modern Medicine.
Pathway of Yogic Health Science begins with knowledge of our body, sense organs, mind, intellect & our action or response.

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All Courses are Conducted Online, Offline & Hybrid. Zoom Recordings are mailed everyday.

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Personal attention during Practical - Online & Offline

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Be AYUSH certified Yoga Professional !

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Exclusive Rope & Belt Therapy Course by Dr.Vineeta Ketkar who has authored books on this therapy

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Learn to form individualized Yoga Protocol with Medical based documents

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Books on Rope & Belt Therapy authored by Dr.Vineeta Ketkar.

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Practicing Yoga is the need of the hour. Yoga is an Ancient Indian Wisdom. It helps us to be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise. Unnati Yogatherapy & Training Institute was established in 2006, July under able guidance of Padmashree Dr. Sharad Hardikar, Eminent Orthopaedic Surgeon, of Pune.

This activity is converted into Registered Public Trust under the name "Gnosis Medical Yoga Foundation" in 2019. Dr Vineeta, practicing family ohysician in Pune started the Unnati Yoga Therapy & Training Center & is the founder trustee of Gnosis Medical Foundation.Since inception we are conducting basic (TTC) & Advance Courses in Medical Health Science. We have added YCB (Yoga Certification Board) courses training as it got establised under Ministry of AYUSH.Covid made us conduct courses online & now all courses are conducted very efficiently - live online with support of zoom recordings, study material in PDF, MCQ Assessment, Seminar & Practical Assessment. All students receive certificates with logo of Gnosis with YCB logo as our Institute is accredited by YCB.

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Tratak-Voluntary fixation of eyeballs

Right & Left orbits are the bony depressions present on the anterior aspects of skull, ...
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Osteoporosis & Yoga – 2

Bone is the hardest of all the connective tissues,because the organic fibrillar ECM is ...
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Yoga - The Science of Life

Since Science of Yoga disciplines us at physical, physiological, psychological, emotional and cognitive levels, it becomes Life Science.
It helps our personlality to evolve for betterment of self & surroundings. It offers preventive, palliative & restorative care
in musculoskeletal degenerative disorders & supportive / supplementary care in today's lifestyle disorders by inculcating behavioural changes.
Gnosis Medical Yoga Center offers Yogic Health Services and Yoga training programmes at the well equipped Yoga Institute, at Pune, since 2006.
Yogic Practice is based on Modern Medicine and aims to provide relief for ailments and disorders like

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga means union. Union of Atman (Soul) with – Paramatman (Universal Soul). Atman can be interpreted as energy. So it is a union of individual biological energy with cosmic energy. This union may start union of body & mind, body & breath, body & consciousness in ascending order of progress. Atman (consciousness) is pure, eternal, enlightened and free. So our Yogic study begins at gross body level and ends at subtle energy-consciousness level.

One cannot state the minimum time required for learning basics of Yoga. As it depends on, what is basic for an individual. For primary body level preparation also will vary from person to person as everybody has different body composition. Body is governed by mind, intellect, Iness complex. So learning the techniques and continue the self study is the way. Since Yoga is an experiential science, one has to practice it lifelong to experience its’ depth.

Yoga has its roots from Pre-vedic era as seen in Indus And Harppan civilizations. Then is the vedic era, as described in four Vedas, namely Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda. This also includes the period of Upanishadas, which describe the Yogic science in a lucid way. It is in the form of explanation of fundamental concepts by teachers to students. Then comes the classical era of Shat-darshanas i.e. Six Darshanas. These explain the philosophical views and ideas. Out of six darshanas, Sankhya Darshan is the theory of Yoga & Yoga is the practical of sankhya. These practical aspects of Yoga have been expounded by Mahamuni Patanjali about 500 years B.C. He has given us Ashtang Yoga pathway. Later comes post classical i.e. present phase of Yoga since last 2000 years onwards.

The duration of advanced Yogic study is lifelong. It is a pathway for self-perfection. It is a science of discipline. It is torch-light to conquer our short comings to deal with difficulties and obstacles. It is a stimulus to utilise our fullest potential. It is a process of continuous, uninturupted, firm, dedicated study hence unending .

For study of Ashtang Yoga (also called as Raj Yoga) we should study Patanjal Sutras. The books for study of Patanjal Sutras are

Patanjal Yogadarshan by K.K.Kolhatkar(Marathi)

Four chapters of freedom by Bihar school of Yoga

For study of HathYoga

Gherand Samhita & HathaYoga Pradipika are the text books. They are explained by Bihar School of Yoga, Kaivalyadhama – Lonavala.