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Hathayoga Course

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The four main traditions of Tantra Yoga are HathaYoga,Rajyoga,Mantrayoga & Layayoga. In our Yogateacher,Medical Yoga & Medical Yogatherapy Courses ,we discuss & elaborate about Raj Yoga i.e.Patanjal- Ashtanga Yoga.This is a short course useful to all above students to know about HathaYoga which is an ancient tradition since Pre-Vedic era.

All traditions of Yoga aim at one common goal.......Self Realization This final destination has different names....Kaivalya,Moksha ,Divine enlightenment.

The HathaYoga is designed to transform the gross elements of the body into an extra-ordinary state which can receive & transmit subtler but powerful energy & a level of Super consciousness.

Thus it operates on two tracks:
  • Energy channels
  • Level of Consciousness

The four popular Texts of HathaYoga:
  • HathaYoga Yoga Pradipika
  • Gherand Samhita
  • HathaYoga Ratnavali
  • Shiv Samhita

The Course helps the students to understand the The Chaturanga Yoga of HYP & Saptanga Yoga of GS In addition it explains 20 basic terms which are the fundamental concepts necessary to understand this tradition The practical aspect of HathaYoga Yoga is very exhaustive.It includes Shudhhikriya,Asan, Pranayama with Bantha & Mudra ,Pratyahar,Dhyana & Samadhi. This course enables students to understand HathaYoga Yoga in short with Theory & Practical aspects.