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Live Online Courses

Live Online
Live Online

Live OnLine Short Courses (Yoga Teacher Certificate Training) For Beginners

The dream of Live OnLine Yoga Teacher Training has come true because of COVID 19 pandemic. The need has pushed us to provide Live OnLine Yoga Teacher Training. The situation though challenging becomes resourceful too, to arrange & execute Live OnLine Yoga Teacher Training. We really have to thank scientific advances to make Live OnLine Yoga Teacher Teaching so comfortable! At the same time,we make Live OnLine Yoga Teacher Training, interactive so as to make it student friendly.Our students of Live OnLine Yoga Teacher Training experience a connectivity with Teacher by reading the Study Material we mail them. This helps them to be familiarised with Medical Terms, while accomplishing Yoga Teacher Certification Training.
Our Live OnLine Yoga Teacher Training Certification helps the students to establish themselves as confident Yoga Professionals. The UNIQUE feature being the modern medicine base to explain the structure, function & various disorders & diseases. We offer following courses.

Live Online

Live OnLine Advance Courses For Yoga Professionals & Doctors

Yoga Professionals & Doctors find difficult to spare time to upgrade their knowledge base. Our Live OnLine Advance Courses offer them flexibility of time. Our experienced faculties of Live OnLine Courses fulfil their wish of medical updates correlating Modern Medicine & Yogic wisdom. We offer following courses

We mail our Study Material to students,which is appreciated by them for its content.
We take efforts to keep it updated & fresh! It gives application oriented information.

Live Online


So grateful for my Indian Teachers from Gnosis Medical Yoga Centre, Pune Maharashta for a very educational 10 days of Medical Yoga Therapy for lifestyle diseases. (20hrs Teacher Training)
These teachers are Western and Ayurveda doctors who have successful practices in their own medical clinics who are also practicing Ashtanga Yogis. Myrus Yoga students will receive the benefit of this education soon.
* Yoga for Diabetes
* Yoga for High Blood Pressure
* Yoga for Asthma
* Yoga for Gastritis
* Yoga for stress and depression
* Yoga for Coronary Artery Disease
Dr. Miuru Jayaweera
Dr. Miuru Jayaweera
Executive Director at Colombo Creative - Integrated Communications and Activations | YTT500 Yoga Teacher
I thoroughly enjoyed learning physiology from Kawal mam. Her efforts to make the topic easy to understand is remarkable. After course completion my awareness about the body functions has increased a lot. Thanks to Kawal Ma'am and Ketkar Ma'am for organizing the course online admist the lockdown, this has been the best use of my time.